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Resolution Supporting Black and Asian Community Solidarity
Celebrating over 25 years of developing difference-making leaders.  

We coach, train and equip leaders in our nation, leaders in the faith community, and leaders among youth, who are committed to moral and technical excellence, the empowerment of the economically underserved and to uniting all segments of our nation.

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Masters Series for Distinguished Clergy

October 13-14

New from Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner...

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Leadership Led By God: Prayer Journal and Guide

Just like in biblical times, the many challenges, divisions, injustices, crises, and uncertainties of our time demand the same leadership traits. We need leaders who understand how to walk in love and operate in true forgiveness, how to be reconciled, what it means to stand for justice, how to model visionary, promise-driven, difference- making leadership and how to lead a prayer-filled life.


Leadership Led By God calls the reader to an understanding of how to model this life of high character leadership. Focusing on six areas critical to effective leadership today, it thoroughly explores each of these six areas through short messages, prayers, personal reflections, and scriptures. This book will encourage, inspire, motivate, and strengthen your leadership forged in the matchless power of prayer and God's word.

High character, morally excellent, difference-making leaders are more critical today than ever. 
"Christians are called to follow a faith rooted in justice for the oppressed. But, we do not follow our faith when we fail to respond to injustice."
- Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, Leadership Led By God
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Add your voice to ours by signing this Resolution Supporting Black and Asian Community Solidarity and help stem the rising tide of Anti-Asian violence and continued systemic injustices against Black Americans.

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