Skinner Leadership Institute provides leadership development, bridge-building, networking and advocacy opportunities for National, Clergy, and Youth Leaders. By regularly bringing together veteran and next-generation leaders, we help to build mutual cooperation and understanding about issues valued by each generation. At SLI we also facilitate diversity and inclusion seminars for the 21st-century workforce to foster relationships among national and local leaders around common issues impacting their communities.

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Skinner Leadership Institute, has uniquely crafted two global leadership excellence programs for strengthening the inner qualities of leaders, public policy shaping, and reinforcing a value system of service and intergenerational coalition building. The Master Series for Distinguished Leaders program is for people of color in middle management, ages 25-45, from the corporate and civic arena. The Masters Series for Distinguished Clergy program equips clergy leaders, to become difference-makers, and society changes in order to impact the human condition. For more information on Skinner Leadership Institute programs click below.


Skinner Leadership partners with several organizations to encourage the spiritual development and assist with advocacy and public policy training of leaders across the nation. Key partnerships include our work with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, the National Prayer Breakfast, the African American Clergy Network and Sojourners. For more information on our partnerships click below.

Customized Programs

Customized programs offer corporate and non-profit organizations the opportunity to receive on-site training utilizing the same successful techniques as the Masters Series program. For more information on bringing the Skinner Leadership team to your headquarters click below.

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