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MSDC 2019 Highlights

About MSDC

Masters Series for Distinguished Clergy is a unique program of Skinner Leadership Institute (SLI). SLI has a 30+ year track record of success in conducting executive training programs and seminars to promote high impact and high character leaders across the nation and particularly among influential African American faith leaders. 


The Masters Series for Distinguished Clergy (MSDC) is unique in that, where many traditional clergy leadership development programs focus on external leadership skills, like vision-casing, and strategic planning, at MSDC we focus on the internal qualities of high performing leadership and pair it with media and public policy advocacy training. MSDC is built on the philosophy of PROMISE DRIVEN LEADERSHIP. Our participants move from PURPOSE, or the work a leader is called to do; to PROMISE, or the difference a leader is called to make to increase the quality of life for those in their communities and for all Americans.


in high character, difference-making leadership traits with the goal of internal fortification for the pressures and temptations of high performance leadership that distinguishes Promise Driven Leaders.

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What MSDC Offers