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Happy 80th

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Never has God's unfailing love been more real to me than His allowing me to reach the age of 80, filled with the excitement of life, energy, good health, and desire to continue to advance our vision of "raising up a new generation of spiritually and professionally excellent leaders committed to uplifting the underserved.


I praise God for your support and participation in my 80th Birthday celebration. I sincerely thank the Masters Series for Distinguished Leaders alums who celebrated with me along with Congressional leaders, Board Members, ministry partners, friends across the nation, and family members.


From near and far, I have been blessed to receive birthday greetings and gifts from those who could not attend, and I will always treasure your expressions of love and generosity.


What a mighty and loving God we serve!


I pray for God's abundant blessings of love, joy, peace, health, protection, wisdom, and provision for you and your family, now and in the coming year!


With all my heart, thank you so much!


Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner

Special Thank You to the 80th Celebration Sponsors


Pastor David Anderson

Ms. Melanie Campbell

Rev. Joshua DuBois

Mrs. Lori George

Ms. Chanelle Hardy, Dr. Brook Bello, Ms. Aya Collins Williams, Ms. Marcia Melancon

Hon. Alexia Herman

Mr. Dale and Mrs. Yolanda Jones

Dr. Roger A. Mitchell, Jr.

Hon. Constance Newman

Mrs. Benity Sewell

Hon. Paul and Rosemary Trible

Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner


Dr. Andrea Boudreaux

Ms. Barbarella Brown

Dr. Dominique Carter

Rev. Dr. Grainger and Pastor Jo Ann Browning

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hale

Bishop Harry Seawright

Dr. Elsie Scott


Ms. Jotaka Eaddy

Ms. Erica Miles

Dr. Warren Stewart

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